The Sun-Polished Dome - A girl and her young brother, on the run from a blood-thirsty terror, find solace in an old tale about a long-lost god.

County Line Crash (Parts: One, Two, Three) - Deputy Moors comes across something strange lying on the lonely county line road during her midnight patrol.

Waking Time (Parts: One, Two, Three) - Nathan wakes up in his bed to find himself in a dreary nightmare, yearning for sleep to return him to real life.

Mango Day - At last, mango day is here, and Ramona couldn't be more excited...if only she could figure out what the creepy vendor was talking about the day before (written for a contest).

Through the Plaster Cracks - Ella does her best to convince her best friend that the thing in her room, keeping her up every night, is more than a figment of her imagination.

Milk Run - A mother stakes everything on a late night journey to the corner store, over treacherous ice roads and creepy roaming denizens, all for the sake of a milk jug for tomorrow's breakfast.

Simone - Andrew loves Simone, only not in the way she loves him...

Back in Eddy's Room - Revisiting a lost friend's room brings back a rush of memories, memories locked inside every dusty corner.

The Brown and Purple Basket - The basket was a symbol of budding romance, now an object of waged war between former lovers.


Them Damn Coyotes (Act One, Scene 1) - Introducing Roberto to his less than tactful mother over dinner becomes more of an ordeal than Martin could ever have anticipated.

That Guy - Just another day in retail hell until a few wrong words and pent-up frustrations turn a lonely stretch of parking lot into a battleground.