Monday, August 6, 2012


Time is moving fast. It's something I've been noticing over the past few years, the older I get, the shorter the week feels, the month, the year. When I was a kid, a summer break lasted for years and the school year took centuries to get through.


It seems every other day a new calendar month is hanging on the wall, Monday to Sunday bleed into one another, and suddenly I'm drifting towards the deep end of my 20s, of my youth. And now, at this particular point in time, it seems as if time is flying by at supersonic speeds.

Photo by Michelle L
In the next few months, a few major changes in my life will take place. I will be working full-time for myself as freelance writer, I will move to a new state to live with my fiancée, and will have (hopefully) released my very first published work out into the cruel, cold world.

In short, I will become a self-sufficient, professional writer, an adult, not a student or a kid or a part-timer working retail - a real-life adult.

But this blog isn't about my life, it's not one of "those" blogs, it is, primarily, a blog about words, about the process of putting them together to form sentences and stories and the frustrations that occur when that action is stalled or interrupted. And so you might have noticed something big up above:

I'm writing a book! And I intend to finish it.

Within a few months I will be releasing a collection of short, inter-related horror stories centered around a small town in Northwest Indiana - a truly terrifying place all on its own without any added supernatural urgings. So far, I have finished first-draft work on 7 of the 13 stories planned and have outlines/ideas in place for the remaining six.

More news as it develops, but those of you following here will be the first to know.