Friday, May 25, 2012

Vote or Die

No, not really - just hold on and let me explain. For those of you who read my last post - the flash fiction piece "Repay" - you may have noted that it was part of a larger project, known as a "blogfest" 'round these parts, and this one in particular was a sort of contest.

Well, the top six finalist were chosen earlier today and...I was chosen as one of them!

Now, I am not asking for blind support. No, that is not in my best interest at all. What I am asking, however, is for you, dear reader, to visit the blog of Cherie Reich and *read* all of the wonderful finalist linked there and then vote for your favorite.

I won't say that mine is the best (hell, I didn't even vote for me) so I want you all to go, read some new stories by bloggers you may not have been aware of before, and vote for your favorite.