Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nano Fail

Some might call it fate (at least I will) but I have pulled out of the National Novel Writing Month contest as of a week ago.  As it happened in the past, as I ramped-up the quantity of my writing, I noticed a sharp decline in its quality.  Now it's true that the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to write as much as you can without looking back until you reach that 50,000 word finish line and worry about making the words great later, however, I have always, always, found it difficult to operate like that.  

One of the main reasons my writer's block is so persistent is because I am an annoyingly huge perfectionist.  At least when it comes to my writing.  It's bad, I know it is. 

The worst thing about dropping out of Nano is seeing all my newly found writer acquaintances excitedly comparing their massive and impressive word counts as the month goes on.  No, scratch that.  The worst part is that since dropping myself out, I've placed myself into a huge writing funk.  You know the kind, where you suddenly second-guess every sentence, every word you write, even your existence as a writer.  Yes, for a while there (okay, like an hour), I almost gave this whole crazy business up because I didn't think I was good enoughBut I took a deep breath and the feeling passed.

Still though, the funk remains.  Haven't written more than a few paragraphs all week, don't even know what I'm working on or if I should just scrap all my old project ideas and start fresh. Whine, whine, whine.  Here, I'll get to the point: as stated earlier, I haven't been a very good blogger as of late.  Well, that's going to change, now.  Starting today/tomorrow, you will see nearly a post a day from me.  And not just any posts, fiction posts, flash fiction to be exact.

"Using visual inspiration as a prompt for writing and sharing!"

Hosted by Becky Raymond a fellow writer, blogger and "plusser", the Flash Fiction Project is meant as an alternative (or tag-along) to Nano whereby daily writing prompts are given in the form of an image be it photograph or artwork.  I have missed several days already but I am hoping to dive into the project from here on out as a means of restarting my creative juices.  

Prepare to become the recipients of the resulting run-off of this experiment.