Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest - Rotting Banana Bowl

I believe this counts as my first blogfest.  This one revolves around poetry so it's a good fit.

Many thanks to Shelly for hosting this shin-dig.  I'm not much of a poet but I do dabble a bit.  Here goes....

Rotting Banana Bowl

Too soft to eat.
Make bread she says, but you're not a baker
No not at all, but something needs to be done.

In a wide bowl with painted fruit at its bottom
Idealistic setting for the fresh and yet unripened.

Soft and too sweet, a color like disintegrating cream underneath
The darkening, spotted skin.
Don't eat it, don't waste it, save it for bread, I'll make some.

It grew in a place hot and wet,
A seed for a new life.

89 cents a pound at the grocery store.
Throw it in with the rest, someone will eat it,
Not me but someone. 

Black little husks of what was,
Putrid and mushed brown inside,

Can't cook with, too disgusting to look at,
To smell like flowery vomit
Is what I'll do if you try to eat that
Just throw it out with the rest and throw it out in the alley so the whole house doesn't stink up.

We'll get some more tomorrow.