Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Post, a Plug, and a Poem

I'm back to blogging, for now.  This is the above-mentioned Post.

There was a brief period where I said to hell with it and nearly deleted the thing, actually.  I don't know, I had feelings of inadequacy I suppose, thoughts of "who the hell is actually reading this?" and such.  But I decided, who cares.  Regardless of who's reading, I'm doing this for me.  This is my blog goddammit and I have a stated purpose and until that purpose is fulfilled, I'm going to keep hacking away at that ol' mental block of mine.

Hell, even I did ever somehow do away with my frequent bouts of writer's block, I'd still need a place to ramble and post my work.  Even if no one's reading, posting my writing for the world to see will give it more exposure than if it just sat idle on my computer's hard drive.  Right?

So I'm here, and I'm going to keep this up.  I'm excited.  Onto the Plug.


Day By Day Captures is the brainchild of my ever-so talented and lovely fiancee.  The premise is simple: every post contains a single, unedited picture to represent a single day, taken on the very day the post is made.  Each shot is accompanied by a short passage speaking on the importance or the feelings associated with the subject of the photo.  There are quite a few interesting pictures and posts up already so I definitely recommend you check it out :)

Also, occasionally I will be providing some of the commentary, such as in this POST.

Moving on though...
I once had an English professor tell the class (myself in it of course) that if a man (he was speaking to the ladies in the room but really this applies universally I think) ever writes you a beautifully-written love poem, know that you are in trouble.  The reason being that, any man who would write a well-crafted poem expounding upon the nature of love and beauty more likely than not cares far more for the poem than he ever could for you.

This rang so true with me and it was for this reason that I grew to be extremely wary of writing any sort of love poetry...knowing in my heart that it could only be a)great and insincere b)terribly pretentious and insincere or c)sincere but badly done.  Being of course the uptight perfectionist and closet romantic that I am, I chose to just sidestep that whole murky mess and never write any love poems (although I'm sure I filled quite a few pages during high school with terrible love-sick poetry).

Er, I do have a point.  As you may have noticed, the title of this post promises a Poem.  Well, this is my attempt at a love poem, a poem dedicated to my fiancee. I think it's time I let go of my former reservations and show a little vulnerability.  And in accordance with the unalterable truths laid out by that old professor, I will have to write this from the heart rather than from my poet's brain if it is to mean anything at all.  Here goes... 

To My Bumble Bee

I remember that taste of spearmint gum in your mouth
That first time we kissed, in the car, hours after I first knew
I wanted to have your lips touch against mine.
Even now, tasting that same flavor, when I least expect it,
Will send a quick shiver through me as I remember that moment.

I think of your eyes, their honey color, the way they can simmer,
Burn, when they look into mine, in love, in anger, in laughter.
Sometimes I'll look, stare at them, when you don't know it,
When they're most beautiful, when you lose yourself,
Spacing out in that adorable way you do.

Really it was your smile that first got 
Me, the way it lit up your face, lit up mine,
Even through the computer screen.
The one that can still crack my face open
When it comes through unforced, completely spontaneous.

My Bumble Bee, the name that has no reason,
Same as yours for me, I love you though
I don't say it enough, don't show it nearly enough, so much
more than I've let on, I know.  None of the bad stuff matters 
When I can see you grin and we can laugh and be near one another.

You make me happy 
More than anything else can.