Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ode to a Chicago Road at Dusk

Around a corner comes to sight a thing
   of beauty and might, a brilliant death.
The look of light baring down, engulfing,
   signaling shadeless sky left bereft.
On metal fence posts like fading bile stains
   the last long strained arms pulling fast through gaps
   of braided aluminum tilting bent.
Past their links, in the lanes
   slink cars strapped fast in the commuter sap
   so clogged, rushing to beat the glow's descent.

Now distant bodies cast long dark towers
   down fading walks of blue concrete and brick.
Now the day's falling past the waking hours,
   store signs blank before first electric flick.
At once the street lies steeped in murky hue,
   rolling to settle and relieve colors
   from the air between cement and up high.
Freely, night will pursue
   straight behind roaming denizens, trawlers
   of what below orange bulbs underlie.