Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And Now You Walk Away

Another self-created exercise, albeit a simple one.  Using this random word generator, ten words were chosen.  Each word then had to be used in a single line of a poem and could only be used once and no two words from the list could occupy a single line.  Thus, this short and strange ten line poem was formed...

Mood was melting down from his eyeholes,
A temperature rising to something billowing and steam-filled when,
With a burst of exasperation, sound burrows out from a
Deep direction, down his throat and out into cold air,
Creating smoke, stirring swirls before his face.

Feet move one way, another way, doubling
Over steps that match and sometimes don't,
Striking clumps of frozen earth that fly to the freshly paved walkway
Waiting to suicide with the fresh rays of daytime
Already creating a distant contour of her distant, shrinking shape.

Try and figure out if you can which words were the ones chosen at random...