Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Unproud

Over the past few days I've been doing some thinking.  This happens from time to time and is no reason for alarm.  However, what I've been thinking is that I'm not entirely happy with the direction my little novel has been going in.  I like the basic story that I've laid out in my head but I'm just not too happy with the way it's being told.

So I'm scrapping what I've done.  Starting over.  Same characters, same setting, same basic plot, but an entirely new perspective and perhaps a slower pace to the action.  I do this often, it's maddening.  I'm something of  a perfectionist and it's the number one reason that nothing I write ever gets finished.  It's also the main source of much of my writer's block - I get caught up on making little details or segments of a story perfect and when I can't seem to get it right, my mind freezes up and I end up stranded, stuck on the island of lost inspiration and apathy. 

It's terrible.

So, when ever I have something worth showing to others, I'll show it.  At least I've thought of a title for it now.  But for now, those excerpts shown can be considered failed drafts.  An experiment.  I think I rushed into it a little bit, so excited that I was actually writing a good amount every day that I forgot to take quality into account, that it takes time to make a story flow properly.

Live and learn.  I might try to write a new short story or even some *gasp* poetry - something I haven't done in ages - to try and clear my mind and start with renewed vigor on the larger work.  Obviously I'll post the results of this exercises, for better or for worse.  Once again, wish me luck.