Monday, November 1, 2010

Epic Preparation

For the past ten years of my life I have considered myself a writer.  Unfortunately, for all  those years past I can say that I have not yet produced a single, coherent work that I can be completely proud of.  Most of this can be chalked up to the fact that I was a angst-ridden teenager for many of those ten years and thus, the work produced was of sloppy, melodramatic candor.  However, I know well enough that the main culprit is my inability to find motivation enough to write on a regular basis and my constant need to debase every word and passage written to the point that I quickly give up on nearly everything I start - leaving very little completed work to show for these ten years.  Today, I hope to begin changing the way I have been writing.

What this means is that I will hold myself accountable for keeping up with my own personal writing - outside of schoolwork - on a near daily basis.  No longer will time constraints be an acceptable excuse for myself.  I will use this blog specifically to keep track of how much work I am producing as well as to talk about anything related (or unrelated) that currently grabs my attention.

For the moment, my two focuses will be on the piece I'm doing for my English fiction writing class, and the novel I have been attempting to start and restart for what is probably the last two and half years. Today I will begin work in earnest.

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