Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DoublePlus UnProud

Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I can't say I'm especially happy with what I've done.  It was a school assignment, a short story in which I did my best to incorporate every rule and avoid the pitfalls of every criticism aimed at me and my fellow students during the first round of workshopping.  I succeeded, I think.  Unfortunately the end result was....meh, a manufactured piece of fiction with brains enough but no heart. 

It is set to go through the grinder of workshop on Thursday.  A general rule of thumb is that you can't expect anyone to like your work if you don't love it in the first place.  The way I see it, with the amount of love I don't have for this story, I can't imagine anyone feeling the mental effort spent on reading my words well worth the energy.

If I can salvage it through revision, I'll consider posting.  If not, I'll just keep chipping away at the old block...